ACTA Nutrimenta SINICA


ACTA Nutrimenta SINICA

This journal was founded in 1956 and reports on all the novel theories, technologies and achievements ofnutritional sciences in China.

ACTA NUTRIMENTA SINICA is the only official publication of the Chinese Nutrition Society . It includes mainly the original articles and brief reports of the recent achievements of research in all fields of nutrition,as experimental nutrition,clinical nutrition,public nutrition,food nutritional evaluation,etc. Each articles is written with English figures, tables and abstracts . It was initiated in 1956 as a quarterly journal and suspended during 1959 to 1981,and then issued bimonthly since 2004. Subject to fairness and rigorism , its academic quality has been improved successfully and is well appreciated by most readers . It is one the core journals of natural sciences in China , and indexed by CA , BA and many Chinese indexing journals . It has won the national and local awards of excellent publication several times, and was nominated as one of hundred national key journals in China.

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